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Best Dog Fence Containment System

If you are looking for the safest, most convenient way to keep your dog on your property and out of harms way, you are looking at the best available product on the market. The PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence, Pet Containment System! This product is available at several retailers such as Lowes and Tractor Supply Co.

Why we love it....

It doesn't get any easier. This unit gives your dog a space of one 1/2 acre area to run and play. We love that there aren't any wires to place underground and hardly any installation at all. You just plug the unit into a wall outlet, ideally in the middle area of your home, which will allow an even radius for your dog to fully run around your property. If the dog should be limited to on area of the yard place unit as close to that area as possible and adjust setting as needed. There is a dial on the unit that allows you to adjust the desired range for your pet. So if a half acre is too large you can just dial back the setting to desired setting. Before placing on your dog, after you have placed battery in the collar, I recommend walking around your lawn seeing the boundaries where the collar starts to beep. That's where you will place the white flags included for a visual boundary for your pet until they learn to associate the beeps and shocks with the boundary set. The collar has several levels of adjustment from a beep sound only all the way to its strongest shock setting. This unit is recommended for dogs larger than 8lbs. Larger dogs usually need a higher setting at first. Once your pet is well trained with the system you may even be able to use the beep only setting on the collar which will keep from shocking the dog and save battery power using less energy. Even when using the shock settings the beep sound goes off first a few times before it initiates the out of range shock, giving your pet the ability to turn back within its boundaries before getting shocked. This is how the dog becomes familiar with the actions that come with the beeping sound. Once back in their parameters the beeping and the shocking will stop. If your dog is stubborn and continues out of its boundaries the shock is intermittent for a few times before stopping completely to avoid continually shocks to your pet. You will need to work with your pet and the collar settings for a bit to determine which shock level gets your dogs attention enough to stay within its boundaries. We learned on our large dog at first we had to use a higher shock level. After the dog learned its boundaries and what the beep sound was an indicator of what was coming, we were able to back down the collar to the second lowest shock setting. Over time your shock settings may need adjusted, depending on your pets ability to test boundaries.

If you've been looking for the best way to keep your dog safe, out of harms way such as away from cars, highways and out of the neighbors yard, you have found the best and easiest system there is. Hopefully our article has explained a few things for you and help you make a decision for what will work best for you! Enjoy your peace of mind keeping your dog safe!

Thank you for reading and helping us out to make this content!

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