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How To Get Rid Of Moles From Your Lawn

Maybe you have recently found mole hills and tunnels stretched across your once beautiful lawn. It doesn’t take long for these pest to destroy your yard in its entirety; leaving you frustrated and having to put in more labor to restore your landscaping beauty. One popular method that people try using is to place poison peanuts for moles into their tunnel system in the ground. I have personally tried this method and used nearly the whole package only to not work while putting poison in the ground. This seemed like a wasted effort and poor way to get rid of a mole while putting poison into the environment. So I finally found the way that worked for me and got rid of moles in my lawn.

I ended up purchasing a Scissor Trap. It did the job well while protecting the environment and no extra expense for bait or poison, that could be used multiple times. Usually, no more than 2-3 moles inhabit an acre of land. I thought I had two or three moles on my lot but realized it was only the one after eliminating the mole. I will walk you through how to use this easy Scissor Trap.

After you have purchased the Scissor Trap, the process is pretty simple.

Step 1. Identify on your lot where the prime location of the tunnel system is or where a fresh mole mound has been made. Placing the trap in a tunnel typically works best but setting at the mole mound has worked as well.

Step 2. The trap works in a scissor motion to capture the mole. You will place the trap into the tunnel or mole mound in the closed position but where the clamps will open toward the outside of the tunnel wall. Once placed make sure you press the trap down with your foot, but may need to exercise it a couple of times to work the ground around the trap slightly for easier function, before completely compressing it into a locking position. Once the trap feels it has sufficient motion for function, slowly press the contraption down where the trap locks in place and the stem platform presses down the tunnel system or mole mound, to a ground level or slightly indented level, locking in place. The theory of how it works is the mole will come through the tunnel and need to raise the dirt back up for passage or at some point try to exit the mound. Once the mole asserts pressure upward on the stem platform it will trigger the trap, creating the clamps to quickly close onto the mole before escaping.

Step 3. Once you see your trap is sticking up out of the ground from a horizontal position to vertical, hopefully you will have a mole on the end of the trap. Pull the trap out and see if there is a mole and then discard of the pest. If the trap was triggered without capturing the mole, then you may try replacing the trap again but maybe a little bit further down the tunnel if the ground was too disturbed in the previous location. If the ground is not too disturbed you may try the same location again by resetting.

Good luck on your mole capturing and hopefully you will be able to restore your lawn to its former glory! Thank you.

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