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How To Get Rid of Ants

Have these little bugs been bugging you? Maybe you have come home to find an army of them marching in a line across your floor or find them across your counter, near your trash can, around your garage door, trash cans, vents or anywhere for that matter. Don't worry we found what works best to eliminate them from your home. Yes you could hire a pest control expert to come take a look for you but more than likely they will recommend the very thing we found that works best.

One of the best lines of defense is to not leave food or crumbs lying around to draw them into your home. Sometimes they may even be around you pets food dish.

The first step is to identify the ants trail of where they are coming and going from which shouldn't be that hard to do since you can easily spot them. We've tried several ant solutions in the past but found this one to be the most effective and most lasting. Terro Liquid Ant Killer. You want to make sure you place this solution out of reach of children or pets but within the ants pathway. Simply take some scissors and trim off the slanted edge where the perforated line is. Don't let any of the ant killer spill out. Lay gently on its side near the ants and the sweetness of the poison will draw them in to feast on the sweetness. The idea is that the ants will carry this poison back to their home where other ants will also partake, resulting in killing the whole cluster. It may take a few days before you notice the ants to be entirely gone but be patient, if they are eating it, it is working.

You may also use this product outside where a problem exists but make sure to keep it out of animals reach and the weather elements to prevent the product from spreading into the environment.

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