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Lawn Art Ideas

Beautiful landscaping is not only pleasing to the eye it also helps the value of your home. One mistake people could be making though is their choice of lawn art on their property. While this is a personal preference it could become an eye sore to the community or lower the value of your property should you or neighbors try selling. While the most sold and most common of all time lawn art is the Pink Flamingo it is typically an outdated form of lawn art.

Or these Patina Metal Crane alternatives.

In most cases it is best to go with color neutral lawn art such as stone or concrete in color. These colors blend best into environments making them look more natural. The easiest and most likely concrete choice of art is the planters or pots that you would use to put your plants or flowers in. Other options may be concrete benches or concrete animals. These concrete pieces of lawn art often get very heavy, so make sure you have a proper way to move them should you place them on your lawn.

The most modern and acceptable lawn art todays is the rustic metal art of flowers, animals, wagons, windmills, concrete statues and other designs. Maybe even consider metal plant sculptures. Obviously no maintenance compared to real plants. These work great next to sidewalk paths, plant beds, patios or arid environments where you might night be able to water plants often or just lined up down the side of your pool.

Ultimately your lawn and lawn art ideas are up to you. The rule of thumb is not much different than choosing colors to paint your walls. The best practice when choosing colors or art is to go neutral but eccentric works sometimes too! Hope these tips were helpful.

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